Welcome to your owner loyalty page.

Most of you already have a membership/rewards card for the grocery store, drug store and other retail establishments that save you money and reward you for being loyal to their business. Starting today, you will now be rewarded for all the business you bring to our store.

How does it work?

It's really simple! Just ask for a loyalty tag and attach it to your car keys. Each time we change your vehicles oil we will punch your tag. When you have four punches, you'll receive your fifth oil change absolutely FREE!!!

What if I want to change my car?

No problem! Your loyalty tag is completely transferable. In fact, feel free to share your tag with any family members that needs service on their vehicle. The more people that participate, the more FREE oil changes you will receive.

Sounds good, how do I get one?

It's easy! Just click on the "Send me my free key tag" button, on the top of the page. Fill in the request form and your loyalty tags will be sent to you. Loyalty tags can also be picked up by visiting our store anytime during regular business hours.

Can anyone join?

Anybody, with any GM make or model, can join! We take pride in servicing your car, no matter what GM make or model. We always use the manufacturer's recommended parts and top quality oils.

Excellent, can I tell my friends?

Everybody's welcome! Just tell us how many tags you need. Give them to your family and friends. This great offer is open to everyone!

What does my FREE service include?

All our customers' cars are serviced with care and attention to detail by qualified technicians. On your FREE service, here's what we'll do for you...

  • » Drain the old engine oil and refill with new oil.
  • » Remove the old oil filter and replace with a new one.
  • » Lube the Chassis and steering linkage.
  • » Inspect the air filter.
  • » Check the engine coolant level and top it off.
  • » Check the brake and steering fluid levels and top them off.
  • » Check tires for wear or damage and correct the pressure.
  • » Visually check suspension and brake lines.
  • » Check the wiper blades, and refill washer fluid.
  • » Check for recalls.
  • » Any extra repairs required will be reported to you and serviced only with your authorization.

* Quality Pontiac Buick GMC My Rewards WebAccess is subject to change. Please see a customer service representative for complete details.